Starting this area I made a cutout with poster board and glued a pieces of laminate on top of the poster board making a template of the area.  Areas were cut from the template for the buildings. Roads and sidewalks were then painted on the template.  In the center park area there are park benches and a picnic table which we constructed.  Most of the building in this section were model kits.  The Macys building was I kit.  It can not be seen in this picture but I have put law offices on the top floor of the Macys building.  The Hammondville fire station was a preconstucted metal model.  The church I have not named or decided what denomination it should be but will work on this at a later date.  Town Hall is in the center top and was a preconstructed building along with the bank.  The post office I constucted and put bars on the windows.  I used nails for the bars.  The police station was a kit that I assembled.  Cyclone Cafe I constructed to fit within the area, that is why I shaped it the way it is. One of the things I have not tackled yet is fabricating trees.  A future endeaver for the town is adding a forest area by the river.


Three engines have regular routes that stop or go through Hammondville.  The oldest and most powerful of the engines is the black Atlas GP-7 LOCO.  This is one of the first engines that I owned back when I started my first layout in 1990.  Because of its power it is used to move the container cars.
The engine that is maroon and black is a Bachmann Doodlebug and is a passenger train.   This engine has the least amount of power and has the most maintenance required to keep it operational.  Because of the low power it is unable to climb the back hill that goes from the lower terminal area up to the residental and town area.
The third engine is a red and black tug Bachmann Diesel Switcher.  This engine had the mail route and pulls the FedEx containers. It also pulls the passenger car when the Doodelbug is out for maintenance.


Looking at Hammondville I knew it needed a grocery or department store.  Checking around I thought why not try to build a Walmart.  The origanal structure I constructed did not have the peaks.  So I ended up taking the structure apart and almost starting all over again.  I finally reconstructed the building with the peaks.  I used the laser printer to make the signage on the building.  I still need to put windows in one of the peaks and I would like to put a McDonalds sign on the front of the building.  However, I have had problems making the arches.  The sign in the parking lot adds to the reallity of the area.  I used toothpicks for the poles and the laser printer for the sign.  The parking lot is small so I am unable to paint lines.  The parking lot goes on outside the layout so this just has to be perceived.  The road in front of Walmart I am naming Walmart Way.  Real original don't you think.  Around the Walmart I have not completed the scenery.  I have not decided quite how I want to complete this area at this point.


The bus stop was my first attempt to construct a model from scratch.  I used left over window material from a model kit to make the clear sides.  Balsa wood and toothpicks were used for the rest of the structure.  The roof did not come out as anticipated but I left it as it was.  In the future I may change the roof to have a peak and look more like the bus stops seen around the area today.  I am going to additional add a sign identifying the stop.  The bench used in this structure comes from one of my previous layout that had to be torn down.
The second structure that I built was the hot dog stand.  I think the final outcome of this building was much better.  For the sign over the front of the stand I used the label maker.  I also used the label maker to make the two signs showing the prices, with one inside the stand, and one on the back of the stand.  I glued a service person in the stand to run it.  If you blow up the picture you can see the man in the stand.  The white background makes him hard to see.

This was a quick look at a few parts the the Hammonville town layout. Watch for improvements and updates.

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