The hallway renovation started as a paint job but this plan was quickly revised.  Since we were painting lets replace the storage cabinet.  The molding and doors were addionally all torn out.  We painted the ceiling and walls.  Then replaced all the hollow core doors with six panel doors and replaced all the trim and rebuild a new cabinet.  Oh! and while we are doing all of this why not replace the tile in the entry way which we did with marble.  A bit more then just a paint job!


exerciseThis exercise room was the first inside renovation project we attempted.  This room is a bedroom and can easily still be used as a bedroom.  There was wall paper which was all stripped off.  The trim was taken off and the closet door had the paint stripped off of them.  We repaired and smoothed the drywall and then painted the ceiling and walls.  We added the trim.  The existing carpet was kept.  One other thing we did to this space was we added shelving to the closet.  This was a fairly easy room to renovate that's why we started with this room.


living roomThe living room was a bigger project then the exercise room.  This room was totallly paneled and the paneling was painted.  We took out all the paneling and replaced it with drywall.  We added in surround sound speakers while we had the walls down to the studs.  The ceiling and walls were painted.  Trim and crown molding was added.  The trim is not shown in this picture but can be seen in the den picture.  The entertainment center has been changed.  On the furniture page the new entertainment center is shown.  The old tile in the entry way before the marble was put in can be seen in this picture. 


There was paneling on the wall in the den when we moved in.  We took the paneling down and replaced it with drywall. The walls and ceiling were painted.  The trim around the window was replaced.  The bookcase on the side of the fireplace was torn out and replace with a new cabinet.  There was added a small bookcase on the other side of the fireplace.  The carpet has not been replaced yet but will eventually be changed out. Then the kick board will be put in.  In this photo the crown molding and trim in the living room can be seen.


bathThis is the project that we are currently working on and is still in the begining phases.  We are basically gutting this room.  We have taken a cabinet out to extend the shower.  The shower has been reframed cement board  put up and the shower has been waterproofed.  We have completed most of the tiling but still have a small portion to complete.  We still have to put in the shower floor, finish tiling and grout.  Then we will have the shower done and still will have the rest of the room to finish.  Tiling the floor putting in the vanity that was build; replacing the toilet and finishing the trim. 
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