LEGO ASSEMBLY TOY FUN


OK! so you're either randomly surfing the web and found this site; you think you know us and want to make sure; or you're curious what I put here. I could fill many, many pages here, but in summary.... my wife is retired Army. I'm a computer geek.  To give you an idea of what kind of a computer geek...my first personal computer was a Heathkit H-8....how many of you remember that!!  And I still have it and it still runs!!   Now that we've stopped moving (8 times for me and 10 times for my wife in 20 years 9 months of Army service), I've been able to take up my long lost wish of setting up a wood working shop.  Since this is my current hobby, right now I have dedicated a big part of the web site to my wood working projects.   My wife's hobby is n-gauge trains so part of the site is dedicated to her trains. We bought an older house so we could do renovations so part of the site is dedicated to the renovation projects.  We enjoy improvings our living area and working on hobbies when not at work.